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Camping and mobile home holidays Quiberon, Brittany  

Getting to Quiberon is really simple, and from any direction you are likely to reach the city of Vannes and from there the Quiberon peninsular. The peninsular is 15 KMs from the mainland, ending at the nicely upmarket town of Quiberon where there are several superb campsites for both tent camping and mobile homes. All of these are at most a stone’s throw from a beach.

To be honest the rest of the peninsular is nothing spectacular but that shouldn’t bother you as your holiday home is further on.

During your camping holiday on Quiberon we are certain you will want to visit the main town (also called Quiberon) where you will find that the town is on two levels - top and bottom - and there are nice upmarket shops on both levels as well as the steep hill which joins them. There is still free car parking to be had at the bottom of Quiberon town, at sea level by the way. The main beach at the bottom of the town is superb and quite often there are evening shows and displays put on by various local groups.

The French love this area and they turn up in droves with their own mobile homes, but all in all there is a good mix of Brits, French, Dutch and a smattering of other nationalities.

An NB here: If you encounter any Dutch people on a campsite then that means the said site has been specially vetted by their own people and has passed a most rigorous test of everything on the site. Their vetting procedure is far more rigorous than in other countries.

All the campsites on Quiberon have pools, shops, play areas & bars and usually a small sports area for table tennis etc.

Now all the campsites we have encountered have been nice and peaceful but there is a slight problem here if, like me, you do not like excessive noise as amongst all the camping sites there is a small but very active private airfield which uses small aircraft to take parachutists way out to sea from where they come back to land.

It must be great fun if you are doing it but at the same time it is bloody noisy. However, if you can handle that (no probs at all for my wife) then you will enjoy a lovely holiday.

There is only one hill where you will stay, apart from the one in town, so the only walk is around the Point du Conguel and back on flat ground where the scenery is magnificent.

Whilst you are camping on Quiberon we seriously suggest driving/walking to the nearby town of Port Haliguen because you will probably never see houses like these ever again.

Haliguen is a small port but the main features are the houses there as they are all different, all individually styled using different materials and they make you want to sell up at home and move into one asap. Sadly they are a tad expensive.

Last update: 20.07.2018