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Luxury Short Breaks

Or a tale of woe from a distraught husband whose wife has tres expensive tastes.

My wife, of whom it must be said, will do more or less anything legal to avail herself of any creature comforts whenever the opportunity arises, never ceases to surprise me with her taste for the luxurious. We don't go camping these days; we take short breaks now and then and stay in mobile homes instead, but why? Because they afford a greater degree of luxury, that's why, for her sake not mine I may add. The fact that I love tent camping doesn't enter into it at all. Mobile home holidays, of which it also needs to be mentioned, are a sop to me, because given her head my dear wife wouldn't enter one were it the last holiday venue on this planet.

Her problem is, if indeed it is a problem at all, that she comes from a wealthy family where all life's little luxuries were handed to her on a plate, or as I have pointed out to her on more than one occasion she was, "Born with a silver spoon in your gob." To which she always replies, "Don't use that vulgar word Darling."

She was warned when we married that her spending habits would have to change, and that she would have to be content with the more meagre earnings which I provide - but has that happened? Of course not! We live on my meagre earning all right, plus an amount which is equal to someone else' earnings as well! Where all the extra comes from I know not but so long as the Bailiff stays away then life will go on as what passes for "normal" in our household.

She books most of our holidays, and many of them are a complete surprise to moi in that I am not consulted either about the options available or the type of hotel we shall be staying in. I don't mind really but it would be nice for once to be able to choose, say a week fishing with my mates, but there is little chance of that because She Who Must Be Obeyed has already booked an all inclusive week in the Caribbean where there is a spa, 3 free massages, all food and drinks etc, sailing lessons, surfing lessons and anything else there is time for. She likes her luxury you see, to the point where I have begun to think that all my money goes on breaks away, both long and short.

You may think all the above is rather dramatic, or you may think that I should rein her in somewhat and make her, "toe the line girl!" And probably I should have done at one time but that time my has passed my friends. Tis far too late for changes of that sort now, and in any case, I love her to bits.

Last update: 04.07.2016