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Cheap Short Breaks anywhere in the whole wide world

Sounds odd but you can easily take several short breaks of the cheap variety and still have change when you compare the cost of them to the usual two weeks away which is often what most people have because of the cost factor at the moment. Lots of us are feeling the pinch a little bit financially, and those who aren't are being sensibly careful, and who can blame them when one doesn't know just what's around the corner?

A friend was recently recounting a conversation to us from when she was on her annual motoring holidays in northern Spain. She and her family had driven down from Calais to the south of France and had entered Spain near to Perpignan from where they drove to just outside Barcelona to stay in a mobile home for a couple of weeks. It wasn't long before she fell into conversation with another party of Brits who were discussing the merits of self drive vacations, and invariably the topic worked round to cost.

Now self drive holidays are really fairly inexpensive and you have the freedom to do virtually anything you want and go exactly where you wish, but the problem with them, if indeed it is a problem at all, is not only in the time it takes to reach your destination but in the return journey as well.

This point was made quite clear to the group when one chap said that they never booked a planned holiday per se, they simply embarked on short breaks here and there when the fancy took them, and he stressed just how cheap this was as opposed to the usual holiday thing when the tour operators get fat on the profit they make from you. We are told that this chap rather rubbed it in a little but our friend had to admit after she had done her sums that he was right.

Not only had this man got his costings spot on but he was also quite right about something else which he mentioned to our friend's group: He asked the group if they ever became tired at the end of a holiday, and the overwhelming consensus was they they all felt they needed another hol by the time they got home. The man nodded and said that because they take regular short breaks they never have to "wait" for their holidays and be tired out when they do eventually take them, and the regularity at which they can take a break here and there because they are so cheap is such that they never become tired at home either.

In conclusion: short breaks are good for you. Why not book one this weekend?

Last update: 04.07.2016