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Short breaks: Self drive

It's a good thing that we like different things, and that applies to holidays as much as anything else. Some people adore cruises whilst others think they are the most boring type of holiday it is possible to take. Tried a safari yet? Well no, because that entails a long trip where you are subjected to lots of bugs when most probably sleeping in a tent. No thanks. How about self drive holidays then?

Now that's more like it! Self drive holidays mean exactly that: you drive yourself to wherever you please, book in and take short breaks here and there whenever the mood takes you and wherever the place feels right. You would be amazed how many people take these mini holidays by car: some book the breaks beforehand and some just take off and are happy wherever they land.

York is a favourite in the UK but that little city is so unbelievably busy you really need to bookan hotel or B&B before getting there. Lots to do in York though, and it is one of the most visited places in Europe with so much to offer visitors in terms of history, and most of it is all within easy walking distance of another place of interest. That is just one idea for somewhere easy to drive to wherever you are coming from in the UK.

Calais is another such place made easily accessible for self drive holidays, especially if you live in the Midlands or south. Hop on the ferry where you can start your shopping spree and in 90 minutes you're there. Failing that, why not take the Eurotunnel to near Boulogne, only a stone's throw from Calais, and depending on the time you wish to travel you can probably get a special offer to help bring down the total cost.

One of the best things about taking self drive holidaysis that you have that overwhelming sense of freedom which is unique to short breaks of this kind. Taking the car allows you to pack par more personal items for your comfort than you could ever take on a train or plane.

Last update: 04.07.2016