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England short breaks

Good old England, or Ingerlaand as the footballer supporters will have it. That which was a ?green and pleasant land? and which, according to some critics, is now an over populated concrete jungle with patches of grass and woodland dotted here and there, is a very much visited little country by people the world over who take both long and short breaks here just to see and absorb our history.

Tourists to England have always been a valuable source of income for our country, and we really believe that we can give them value for money as they tour the country. Yes, the cities here are rather expensive but that also applies to cities everywhere. If visitors do their homework prior to arriving they can get budget accommodation and reasonably priced car hire for them to tour round the Shires.

Of course, we British also take short breaks in our own country, and these are for a variety of reasons; visits to a theatre or concert in the capital where there is at least one night?s stay involved.

 We tend to go to places where we know it isn?t like home, for instance, city dwellers take breaks in the countryside and vice versa. If you live and work in a large town or city it must be most refreshing to be able to take a trip or two into the countryside with all the walking and fresh air, whereas a country person may like to see the lights in the cities from time to time.

As a nation we love our England and we are comfortable with taking short breaks in it from time to time because we know what things cost here and there is no language barrier for the English who must rate as some of the worst linguists on the planet.
Last update: 04.07.2016