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Short breaks UK

Forget the doom and gloom, forget the credit crunch and look on the bright side for once; we live and work here in the UK so let's enjoy it, take a few short breaks now and then to recharge the old batteries, and how good we feel when we return!

When we Brits holiday at home (as opposed to going abroad) then we tend to travel outside our own environment and go to somewhere entirely different such as: city dwellers often take breaks in the countryside whilst country people flock to London and the cities, and of course everyone goes to the seaside for some sun and sand. We often holiday in places the reverse of where we live.

We are lucky here in the UK to have so much history to visit via buildings, museums and cities like London, York, places of interest such as Stratford and the Shakespeare experience. There are ancient buildings all over the country which demand a minimum of 4 or 5 hours exploration, there are castles in England, Wales and Scotland for us to see and wonder at from virtual ruins to perfectly preserved specimens such as Warwick, now a major tourist attraction in it's own right.

For such a small country - apparently we are the 79th largest country - we still have masses of green belt land and countryside to walk through, to take picnics in, and generally enjoy spending time in with our families. We are lucky to have all this and we should be trying to preserve it for our children and their children too.

Without banging on about patriotism we should be thankful that we in the UK have HISTORY which is partly why we have so many foreign visitors who come here for both long and short breaks. They come to savour the age of our buildings, they come here to marvel at Buckingham Palace and the Changing of the Guard. They come here to see the Edinburgh Military tattoo and for many, many other reasons other than to get a good tan to take back home.

When summer comes around it is hard to beat the UK for a good holiday walking in the dales, sunning on deserted beaches (yes, there still are some in the north!), generally doing things which relax us. The Internet is easy and wonderful for arranging holidays abroad quickly and cheaply, but shouldn't we be thinking more and more about taking a few short breaks here instead?

Last update: 04.07.2016