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9th wedding anniversary - pottery

Here we go again with another anniversary page, and with this one, the ninth,  you can take comfort in the knowledge that you have both endured nine years of wedded bliss, or at least you are still married after nine years, though whether it has been blissful or not is another matter entirely. We hope so though, or you wouldn?t be reading this page would you?

As ever, we endeavour to please our readers by being accurate with certain aspects of wedding legend such as what the various anniversaries are called, which gifts are associated with each one, the flowers and gemstones which also symbolise those special days in your married lives.

Well for the ninth the traditionalists have it named as either Pottery or Willow, and as we are sure you are well aware, the ancient Druids had a thing about Willow so the connotation between the two maybe that simple.

Why pottery though? We assume that whoever was responsible for the naming had something to do with the Potteries in the Midlands, probably Spode or Wedgewood etc, and if they were able to name the ninth wedding anniversary after pottery it made sense that some of you out the would nip smartly out and buy a mug, jug, plate or some other expensive knick knack which would even further enrich the manufacturer.

That apart, this special day of days in your marital year also has a more modern symbol, that of Leather which is altogether more appropriate under the circumstances. Now then, what are you going to buy your loved one which is made entirely of leather? The mind simply boggles at the possibilities which are on offer here. Anything from a leather belt to thigh length boots to?.well anything really.

In conclusion, the Gemstone list shows Lapis Lazuli and Tiger Eye are associated with this day, and for the ninth wedding anniversary the flowers which go with it are Poppies for whatever reason, and what do we get from poppies? Well, we ain?t going there with this page!

Last update: 12.07.2016