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7th wedding anniversary - wool / copper

Here we go again, and readers of our other anniversary pages will know full well that we kick off with a brief description of what the wedding anniversary is called, and what the flowers and gemstones are which have an association with it.

This one, the seventh, is named after Copper or Wool - a strange combination as ever I heard of, but as aforesaid we believe that the people responsible for the naming of these days all those years ago may have been a tad squiffy, because you have to remember that in those good old times Gin was about a Farthing a quart and none of it taxed either! They could drink to their little hearts content without a penny piece finding its way into the coffers of a Blair or Brown. What wonderful times those must have been!

Now there is always greed associated with a special event, and we have discovered that in addition to the flowers, the Copper and Wool thing, and in addition to the gemstones thing too, we are expected in these modern times to provide a desk set! Now who could have thought that up other than a very fat and happy desk set manufacturer?

The flowers associated with the 7th wedding anniversary are Jack-in-the-pulpit which I have to say must be as rare as hens teeth, though apparently it was well known plant in North America, and I quote, "Despite its possible irritating effects there are several accounts of Native Americans using a preparation of the root on sore eyes. It was also used for cold symptoms and as a tonic. Externally it has been used for various skin infections and against pain and swelling." The blessed thing even comes with it's own health warning too, "No part of the fresh plant should be taken internally." For all we know it may have been used for the Flux and the Pox as well.

There are also two Gemstones associated with this auspicious day and they are Lapis Lazuli and Onyx, about which we can find no fault, though I always believed that an Onyx was a horned animal, which just goes to show what an ignorant little editor I am.

Other than that, enjoy your seventh wedding anniversary to the full, and start making plans for next year when you have been ensconced in marital bliss for 8 whole years. We thought about this but in the end decided not to mention the 7 year itch which is much more associated with this wedding anniversary than all the flowers and gemstones together.

Last update: 12.07.2016