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5th wedding anniversary - wood

And as with prevous pages we start this one by telling you that the fifth wedding anniversary theme is all about silverware, so that is something you could suggest to friends or relatives who are all agog with excitement about this forthcoming milestone in your lives - request that they buy you a solid silver tea set - properly hallmarked of course, why not? They can afford it surely, and it should only set them back a couple of Grand or so, and their children could chip in with a silver spoon each, well why not?

All wedding anniversaries have a name and the name for the fifth is Wood. Legend has it that these days are also associated with flowers and Gemstones - possibly this dates back to the days of the ancient Druids, but please don't quote me on that.

Anyway, the flowers for this special day are Daisies and the gemstone is Turquoise, so there you are chaps, other than buying her something in silver you can nip out and pick a bunch of daisies and at the same time scour the countryside for a Turquoise mine for a chunk to take back to your loved one. The aforesaid could be construed as being rather like the trials of Hercules but apart from the silver it could work out to be a reasonably cheap day - always a bonus eh?

Now we must stress yet again just how important this date is to the ladies. You may forget it but they never will, but you can rest assured that should you forget this momentous occasion you will be made to regret it for the rest of your unnatural life. You may suffer from lack of sleep from that day on because it has been known for wives to secrete scissors about their person when they go to bed, and you know what that means don't you chaps? You won't dare to close your eyes in case she.......

This is a special day in your lives - your marriage has lasted five whole years, or in Hollywood terms at least 2.5 marriages, so this is the time to be proud of yourselves, to pamper each other and make this a day to remember for ever and ever, Amen. You have successfully made it through to your fifth wedding anniversary, probably with a few tiffs and more than a few tears, but you have gone this far without undue mishap so can you get as far as the sixth? We sincerely hope so.

Last update: 12.07.2016