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4th wedding anniversary - Linen

Following the lead of our other similar pages we can tell you that the fourth wedding anniversary is termed as Linen, and the flowers associated with it are geraniums, whilst contemporary or modern 4th anniversary gifts have a theme of Electrical Appliances, BUT, according to the legend they should also be gifts of an exotic nature which you should lavish on the one you love to show that you do actually love him or her. What can these things mean? Electrical appliances of an exotic nature? We can't go there on a family website such as this! But we assume that you get the drift!

However, if electricity is a problem in your house then you could go for something more tangible such as a hard back copy of the Kama Sutra which you could read together by candle light, but we must assume that the vast proportion of couples who would purchase such a fruity tome as this are not all contortionists, so take care not to put your back out - or worse!

But with feet firmly planted back on terra firma we can tell you that the Gemstone list shows Amethyst and Topaz for this most auspicious occasion.

On each of our pages me make mention that it is men who tend to forget wedding anniversaries - there is no intent to forget but this phenomenon is possibly because we have so very much going on in our fiendishly overworked minds you see. So chaps, etch the date into your minds. Mark it on any calendar you stumble across, ask your friends to remind you, though on second thoughts better not do that because if they are similar to my own friends they will give you the wrong date anyway.

Memories and the ability to memorise things is quite bizarre as I know to my cost. Remembering birthdays for your pet cat, goldfish, dog etc is a breeze for some reason, though remembering kids birthdays is difficult for some of us, but there are two dates on the calendar other than Christmas which MUST be remembered; your spouse' birthday and your wedding anniversary, third, fourth, fiftyeth or any other. That is paramount and you will be in the deepest of deep doo doo should you forget it.

Last update: 12.07.2016