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3rd wedding anniversary - Leather

The flowers associated with the 3rd anniversary are Fuchsia and the gemstone in this instance is Crystal or glass - neither being an inspired idea by whoever thought it up. However, the name given to the third wedding anniversary, and the gifts associated with it is leather would you believe?

Now we could be leading into deep waters here, but the leather theme brings certain items to mind which could possibly be an inspiration to a couple married as long as you have, so let your imagination run riot and ask your friends and relatives for leather gifts for this romantic occasion, and you could be in for a big surprise!

Now that the newness is wearing off and you are both settling down to a comfortable married life it is eminently possible that the wife may let her husband out for a drinkie with his mates now and then without such dire reprisals hanging over his head should he return a few minutes late, or even slightly the worse for wear.

Ladies, you should know by know that your husband only becomes a tad squiffy when he is out with friends because he MISSES YOU, and is so distraught and lonely without you that he inadvertently may have a drop to much of the amber liquid. It is not his fault ladies, and we have seen this syndrome so many times that it is now accepted as being quite normal.

His problem? Well his explanation will warm your heart and probably make you forgive his little foibles forever because of it: he is terrified, terrified of forgetting your third wedding anniversary, even though he has the date written on his person, written also in his work diary and also on a wallchart. His mobile phone is pre-programmed to remind him of said happy event the day before, but he is still concerned that this will not be enough and despite all he may forget the event which he knows will earn your emnity until his dying day.

Last update: 12.07.2016