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2nd wedding anniversary, Cotton

Each wedding anniversary is associated with a name, a flower and usually a gemstone as well. In the case of the second anniversary the name is Cotton, the flower(s) Cosmos and the gemstone is Rose Quartz or Garnet, and by this time there may well be a sprog on the way if you haven't already got one.

If we had Flash on this site there would be a huge sign here saying WARNING for all the men to see, because you guys are dead meat if you have forgotten your 2nd wedding anniversary. You are finished mate, stuffed and you will be downtrodden fort the rest of your natural life from this point on, so watch my lips.....Do not forget your anniversary on.....whatever day!

Now then, if you are the male part of this marriage you will be so aware that your chances of nights out with the lads are but faded memories, cherished ones no doubt, but faded nonetheless. Your wife just may allow you a night out at some point but only when she feels that you are trained well enough to:

a) get back home at the appointed time (i.e. when she says)

b) The above but also sober

c) Both the above but also not smelling of perfume (from another woman, but we won't go into that in case you chaps just like wearing perfume when you go out).

Deep down she sincerely hopes that you have had a really lousy night because if you have you may not be so keen to repeat the experience the following week, but of course when it is her night out with the girls she can come back home at any time she pleases and will most probably be the worse for wear into the bargain. Now then chaps, are you man enough to pick up on this and make an issue out of it?

Hmmm, you're braver than I was then when we approached our second wedding anniversary.

Last update: 12.07.2016