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12th wedding anniversary - silk

At long last we have reached the final page in our wedding anniversary series, that of the twelfth, which has been named Linen or Silk. Funny how these names keep cropping up isn't it, and it only confirms my suspicions that the old ones who were responsible for doing this were both numerate illiterates who had been at the sauce since breakfast time ? as they could well afford to in those days of Yore with Gin at a farthing a quart!

The Gemstone list for your special day this year is Agate, and that isn-t too bad chaps because you only have to find the right beach and you will be able to pick it up by the bucket load.

As for flowers associated with the twelfth, they are Peonies - all very nice until the wind blows and then the petals are all over the place, so are Peonies a warning from the Old Ones, the aged Druid types who were involved in the naming of your wedding anniversary this year? Does that mean that it will be a windy year or does it mean that your marriage will disappear like Peonies do in a wind? One shudders to think!

On a more contemporary note we notice that the 12th wedding anniversary also has another theme, that of Colour Gems, whatever they are, probably those little coloured things which kiddies have in kaleidoscopes?

Thank you for reading through our pages and may we take this opportunity of wishing you well for the rest of your married lives, and may you enjoy every wedding anniversary for many years to come.

Last update: 12.07.2016