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11th wedding anniversary - steel

Traditionalists say that the eleventh wedding anniversary is called Steel, and for once we agree wholeheartedly for if you have managed to endure 11 years of matrimony you must both have some steel in your characteristics. Just wait until you have reached No 38 as the editor has, and perhaps you will then cease to wonder why he has such a jaded view of life.

There is a Gemstone, or in this case, gemstones in the plural associated with this day and they are Hematite and Turquoise. Now Turquoise I am familiar with but Hermatite? To be honest I truly believed that it was the red gooey stuff which holds the water gaskets together in cars. Ah well?

And yes, there are flowers. The flower sellers will never go into liquidation because every time that threatens they invent another special day on which you should lay out hard earned money to keep them in Lottery tickets. Anyway, the flowers associated with this auspicious day in your calendar are Morning Glories - sweet little things if your florist is able to supply them in sufficient quantity to satisfy your bride of eleven years.

In addition to flowers and gemstones this special day also has a more contemporary theme of Fashion Jewellery - these guys never pick on anything cheap do they? Over priced coloured glass isn't it? Had I given my aged wife fashion jewellery for our eleventh wedding anniversary she would most likely have embedded said articles in some part of my anatomy!

Last update: 12.07.2016