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Wedding Anniversary 10th or Tin

It seems so long ago does it not, when we were discussing the first wedding anniversary on a similar page, and here we are doing just the same for your tenth. How time has flown, and how your sprogs have grown from the naked squalling and incontinent infancy to the little horrors they are today and about to enter their worst years on this planet as teenagers. And there you were thinking that the worst was over? Just how naive can you get?

But never mind, you have an anniversary to look forward to with all the excitement you can muster for occasions such as this. After all, you have already done nine of the things so you should be something of an expert by now.

As with our other pages on this and similar topics, we start by telling you some things which you may already know such as the name or names for your tenth which is/are Aluminium and Tin. Were this anniversary called Silver or Gold we would expect you to pop into Harrods or somewhere similar, whip out your plastic and buy your loved on the most expensive gift available.

for the 10th wedding Anniversary Tin is the anniversary, so it is appropriate to mention a suitable Tin Gifts website.  The flowers associated with the 10th wedding anniversary are Daffodils, which is fine if they are in season, but after April they tend to be in rather short supply around here at least, so you may just have to find a substitute just this once.

Now as you know, there is a Gemstone associated with each wedding anniversary, and in the case of the tenth it is Black Onyx, and quite rare I would think this is too!

OK so far, and none of the above is going to break the bank, but you may need to spice up your marriage just a little by taking on some more debt, and I mention that only because the modern day theme for the tenth anniversary is Diamond Jewellery.

Diamonds, mind you? not Zircons because they are so cheap and nasty and we are sure that none of our readers would stoop to buying Zircons to give their wives in the forlorn hope that she will believe they are Diamonds. Not a snowball's chance in Hell of that happening mate, and that is why we suggest that you do the decent thing if you want to reach your eleventh!

Last update: 12.07.2016