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Akubra hats

Akubra Hats has become an Australian Icon as for more than 100 years the Akubra company has been making these famous fur felt hats. The Akubra name is now synonomous with the landscape of outback Australia, and these unique hats form an important part of the Australian national dress. It's virtually guaranteed that if you visit OZ you will want to bring one back home!

Akubra hats have stood the test of time on the cattle stations, ranches and droving routes, and still do, being sold around the globe at prices and quality other manufacturers envy.

The quality of the fur felt hats depends greatly upon the quality of the rabbit fur itself, and how tightly it is worked in during the felting process. Akubra tend to favour wild rabbits for their fur as they produce a better quality, and as the company cut the fur from the skins themselves thay are able to keep control of the quality of the hats from start to finish.

The Akubra hat is highly regarded and so typically Australian that it is given as a State gift, statesmen such as Prince Charles and Bill Clinton being recipients. However, the Akubra is far more than a decorative accessory; Australian farmers depend on this weatherproof, protective hat when working hard in the outback.

Last update: 19.06.2018