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About Live Listings

Live Listings started out as a one page TV website but, nevertheless, it seemed to attract more than it's fair share of traffic, due no doubt from the fact that it had a hard core of admirers who saw to it that the site was included in many TV related Web Directories.

In the summer of 2005 we added a Business Directory.

In December 2006 the decision was made to bite the bullet and have the site redeveloped in .php, starting again from scratch.

In 2016, we started to renew our website once again, after a long period of neglect. Our aim is to become a highly respected Business Directory, too, with no spammy content or poor websites included, which is why we research website for inclusion in our directory ourselves. Our ethos is that we should only accept good sites and that we will review these yearly to make sure that the standards are still kept high.

We have already spent may hours combing through the content for out of date or low quality links, which have been removed. We are presently engaged in producing a mixture of informational reference pages and pages of directory links. The sites we select are based upon our research for areas of interest to our visitors. Site selection requires useful information relevant to the directory page to be immediately available from the listing landing page in question. We continue to improve and enhance our listings to give a better user experience. 

In 2018 we are now continuing the work...

Last update: 19.06.2018