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Used Hondas for Sale

Honda is a well known UK brand for class leading motorbikes but also as a leading car manufacturer with great hatchbacks and sport cars over the years.

With popular models like the Honda Civic and the S2000 Honda have a respectable, consistent market share in the UK automotive market. The Civic has been on our roads for nearly 40 years and is a very popular high volume used car choice. The CR-Z will carry on from the legacy created by the mighty Type-R, successfully targeting the premium boy racer with class leading vehicles. No doubt Honda will be highly competitive with their hybrid and electric cars as the automotive market continues to show changes due to major external factors such as the state of the economy and the drive to cut carbon emissions.

Honda Trusted Dealers have over 1500 used Hondas in stock UK nationwide. All vehicles have a warranty or guarantee and follow the Trusted Dealers 10 point difference to give you peace of mind motoring. With major franchised dealer groups such as JCT600, Bristol Street Motors & Perrys Trusted Dealers have over 29,000 used cars to choose from in total and over 1500 pre-owned Hondas for sale starting from just over ?2000. Added 27.10.12


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